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Relief That Starts In The Shower
The Beauty Industry Needs a Serious MakeOver
Personal care products are NOT regulated by the FDA. In fact federal law regarding skin care products hasn't changed since 1938. According to EWG.org "On average, women use 12 personal care products a day, exposing themselves to 168 chemical ingredients. Men use six, exposing themselves to 85 unique chemicals." That's a serious problem! It's time for small businesses to correct the market. 
About Us
Our founder, Tara began researching and experimenting with different ingredients to develop her own natural soap in her kitchen due to her family having problematic skin conditions.  After giving a million bars to her friends and family, word began to spread of how well her soap improved their skin. She started selling her soap online in 2018. Eczema Care Company's mission is to create a safe and all-natural Honey & Oatmeal bar soap that helps provide relief to those with Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin & more! 


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