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Most Commonly Asked Skin Care Questions - Part 7

Most Commonly Asked Skin Care Questions - Part 7

Looking for a certain skin care question? If we don’t have it here, check out our previous posts of the most common skin care questions asked by people just like you!

When it comes to skincare products, the vast array of options available can be overwhelming. Long lists of hard to pronounce ingredients make it extremely difficult to get the moisture and protection your skin needs. Here are five more commonly asked skincare questions to help guide you on having the healthiest skin possible.

Q#1: Why All Natural Skincare?

The list of ingredients on skincare products can be intimidating. Without a degree in advanced chemistry, it can be pretty difficult to even pronounce some of the names of chemicals found in these lists.

Some of these ingredients are marketed as being excellent for skincare, but in almost all cases, an all-natural alternative is not only available; it is better for you.

Things like exfoliation beads sound like a great idea but can actually be too abrasive and, at times, do more harm than good.

An all-natural ingredient like the oatmeal in our honey eczema soap can provide gentle yet effective exfoliation while maintaining compatibility and safety for all types of skin. 

Q#2: Are Skin Care Products A Waste Of Money?

A: Skincare products can be expensive. When these prices start to increase, it can leave doubts about whether this is the right place to be spending so much money. This is not ill-spent money, though.

Our skin is the main barrier that we have to protect us from the elements. If it is not taken care of properly, it could lead to irritation and dry skin that leaves us itching and scratching, especially in the winter months.

Humans are not snakes. We don’t get to shed our skin periodically to give it the refresh it needs. Instead, we expect quite a bit out of our skin. Ignoring it and not tending to its needs is a big mistake. It needs to stretch, move, bend, twist, and grow.

On top of all of this, we take for granted that it will recover quickly when we damage it doing things like spending too much time in the sun. Since the skin we have has to last us our entire lives, it is a worthwhile investment to dedicate part of our budgets to protecting this vital organ, which is integral to our daily lives.

Q#3: Which Skin Care Products Not To Mix?

We believe this skin care question to be one of the most important a person can ask. 

A: The miscibility of chemical compounds is governed by complicated rules and complex theoretical ideas. The same way that oil and water, or baking soda and vinegar cannot, or rather should not, be mixed, the same is true for some ingredients in skincare products.

Here are a few basic rules to follow that make it a little easier to remember what doesn’t mix instead of getting a degree in advanced organic chemistry with a minor in skincare.

Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid

Mixing these two products creates a volatile and unstable mixture. The result could be harsh changes in PH and damage and irritation to skin. 

Retinol and Salicylic Acid

Retinol works by helping to facilitate skin regeneration. If a product like Salicylic Acid is applied in addition to retinol, the result could be aggressive over-drying of the skin, leading to long term damage to your body’s skin.

Niacinamide and Vitamin C

Although these products are excellent when used independently, mixing the two can cause real issues. The chemical interaction between these two cancels out the benefits and ends up causing damage and increasing redness in the skin.

Q#4: Which Skin Care Products Contain Retinol?

A: Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, has become the wonder drug of the skincare world. It can repair ailing skin as well as promote faster regeneration. This results in younger-looking and healthier skin. Here are a few products that contain retinol that should be added to your skincare routine, along with a great natural cleanser.

Daily Moisturizer 

You should be applying a moisturizer every morning but also every night before you go to bed to remedy all the moisture loss your skin experiences throughout the day. By choosing a moisturizer with Retinol in it for your nighttime moisturizer, you give your skin a boost to help it recover quickly.

Anti-Aging Cream

Using an anti-aging cream with retinol is a sure way to reduce the number of wrinkles in your skin. This is a great way to keep skin looking and feeling healthy and fresh for longer.

Eye Cream

An excellent fix for inevitable dark circles under your eyes is to get an eye cream with retinol. This can help refresh and prevent wrinkles in the skin on an area of the face that requires constant movement and flexibility.

Q#5: What Skin Care Products Are Best For Rosacea?

A: If you have Rosacea you probably have this specific skin care question. Dealing with rosacea can often be a delicate balance of treating the skin and finding a way not to cause further irritation at the same time. Here are a few ingredients to look for before trying to pick an effective treatment.

All-Natural Ingredients

The number one thing to inspect before picking a skincare product is to find one with all-natural ingredients. Going with one like our all-natural bar soap with honey and oatmeal is a great way to get the gentle exfoliation and moisture your skin needs, without all the harsh chemicals.

Chamomile Extract, Milk Thistle, Almond Oil

These are just a few ingredients that will help soothe and moisturize inflamed skin. Being all-natural, these ingredients provide maximum compatibility with skin types in addition to offering relaxing and pleasant aromas. 

Tiger Grass Extract

When it comes to fighting rosacea, Tiger Grass is a relative newcomer. This Chinese skincare secret has numerous benefits, such as helping regeneration, while also soothing the skin.

In fact, it does such a great job Tiger’s have been known to use the grass to heal wounds and help treat their infections. Using this product can feel strange in some cases due to the green color, but this green actually works to conceal redness that can be caused by rosacea.  

Hopefully, this guide covering five common skincare conundrums can provide you with the information needed to get a skincare product that will help your skin flourish.

For more helpful tips, feel free to check out some of our other guides and also take a look at our soothing, all-natural honey and oatmeal soap. It has the perfect balance of ingredients to offer moisturization, exfoliation, and healing.