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Most Commonly Asked Skin Care Questions - Part 6

Most Commonly Asked Skin Care Questions - Part 6

Skin Care Question 1 - What Skincare Habits Can Worsen Acne?

This is a skin care question that most people have asked at least once in their lifetime. Acne just seems to strike again and again regardless of your rigorous skincare routine all in hopes of achieving perfect, flawless skin. Hormones, genetics, and environmental factors have been attributed to the cause of acne but have you considered if there are any contributing factors perhaps in your daily skincare routine that could be encouraging acne flare ups? Here’s a few more possible causes that you might not be aware of. 

Irritating Ingredients

Using skincare products with ingredients that cause irritation. Ingredients like lanolin and mineral oil cause acne and bumps, and artificial fragrance cause skin breakouts. These ingredients could worsen acne.

Products That Dry Out Your Skin

Applying products that totally dry out your skin moisture or sebum. Using harsh cleansers, alcohol-based toners, soaps to correct your oily skin only makes your skin produce more oil, as it naturally works to correct the imbalance. The best would be to hydrate your skin by using a mattifying moisturizer during the day to soak up the oil without drying out your skin.

Dirty Product Applicators

Not cleaning your makeup brushes and product applicators regularly.  Using dirty applicators is something you should avoid at all costs and for many reasons. Sponges, brushes, and other applicators used to apply your makeup or skincare products may harbor bacteria, which could lead to worsening your acne.

Improper Face Washing

Not washing up your face properly after makeup use. Leaving makeup overnight or not wiping and washing up thoroughly usually causes breakouts and becomes worse for acne skin.

Your Diet

It is an integral part of the skincare routine, and the wrong diet could worsen your acne. Some people might not notice, but they have actual allergies to dairy, chocolate, and nuts, which cause them to have acne. Also, high blood sugar could mess with your body and cause you acne or worsen it.


Being lazy with your routine could also worsen your acne. It is hard to ignore that the last thing you might want to do after a long day of work is a skincare routine. Cleanse your face to remove all the makeup and you’ll sleep better knowing you at least attempted to reduce your acne. 

Question 2 - Can Skin Care Products Stop Working?

The answer to this skin care question is both yes and no. No, because skincare products are produced to provide your skin with nutrients that make your skin healthy. Also, just like the body never gets tired of healthy food, the skin is just the same.

However, once the skincare product expires or loses their shelf life, they stop working. This is why it is important to check product dates and ensure that your skincare products remain in good condition.

Skin Care Question 3 - What Skin Care Steps Help Reduce Redness?

It is awfully embarrassing and frustrating to have to deal with redness on the face. Meeting with a helpful dermatologist can your skin back on track to having healthy skin. In the meantime check out these helpful tips that many people have tried and found useful. 

– Stop using soaps, lotions, astringents, toners, cleansers, and artificial fragrances that leave your skin very dry and tight. 

– Always revitalize with soothing serums and hydrating moisturizers at night.

– Use sunscreens with SPF 30 or 50 that contain titanium dioxide and/ or zinc oxide. These also help to calm redness and prevent aging.

– Use toners that contain ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These replenish and calm the skin. 

– Use water-soluble, hydrating cleansers for your skin.

Question 4 - What Skin Care Steps Can Minimize Pores?

Large pores could lead to further clogged pores. Minimizing your pores, therefore, means keeping your pores clean and unclogged. Here are a few helpful tips to achieve this.

– Clean your face properly with the right cleanser.

– Use an alcohol-free face toner with alpha hydroxy acid to minimize your pores and improve the pH of your skin.

– Get a gentle exfoliating scrub and exfoliate up to three times a week to remove dead cells and allow new cells to regenerate.

– Use a clay mask to unclog your pores.

– Avoid oil-based creams. They mix with dead cells to clog your pores.

– Use moisturizers daily.

Question 5 - What Skin Care Products Should I Apply At Night?

This is actually a very common skin care question among many people. The skin repairs itself at night. Thus, it needs skincare products that compliment it’s abilities to repair and heal.  Skin care products that you can apply at night, in order, are:

– Cleansers

– Toners

– Eye cream

– Serums and peels

– Hydrating mask

– Night cream or moisturizer

We hope you found these questions and answers helpful. Stay tuned for our next post where we address 5 more commonly asked questions about skin care!

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